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Why the Cooldown is good for the market

Only a few months back several thousand “Newbies” joined the promised land of decentralisation everyday, bringing fresh money into the market and propel it to new ATH each day. Everyone was cheering, memeing and spamming Crypto Twitter with their “oh so great” gains on every possible occasion. Back to the present, Bitcoin is barely holding the 35K line and many have started to develop a negative over all sentiment for the near future and… I love it. Don’t get me wrong I’m a totally convinced of Crypto as an idea and its grand role in all our lifes now more than ever, nonetheless this crash was long overdue and I’m glad it happened.

Many of us having seen previous cycles watched the wave of newcomers with sense of amusement, knowing fully well what was about to happen, yet some believed it indicated the final shift in the global acceptance of cryptocurrency finally becoming mainstream. People from many distinct socio-economic origins joined Crypto, fueled by mosly the stimulus, celebrities taking part in the NFT and DOGE hype creating a lot of fuss on the whole medida spectrum, and Elon Musk being crowned as the Dogefather, everything seemed to be going perfect. I’m sure almost anyone who was active in Crypto during those months made some respectable gains, nonetheless I watched the development with sligth uneasiness, cause I, like many others knew fully well what was about to come next.

“When your cap driver tells you about Crypto…

… it is time to sell”

“When your cap driver tells you about Crypto it is time to sell”, has established itself as saying years ago, still many didn’t notice it. It turned out to be true once again, some more or less coordinated FUD combined with market manipulations of a certain “philantropic tech genius”(not trying to elonbash here, even though is has become increasingly popular those last weeks, but he is way less then what the world sees him to be) has led to this current stage of profound uncertainty we find ourselves in. The cracks run deep between the bulls that see BTC at 100k within a few months and those who assume the wintersleep is in already, but only a few see this phase for what it really is…

… a cleanup of the market and a gaint opportunity.

All the degenerates, shillers and shady Crypto influencers are the sediment in a coffe cup called Crypto, they are what makes Crypto less “tasty” for many and they are the first ones to get washed out by this short term bear trend. It is great that young people and ones with a small amounts of capital try to join the Crypto scene and decentralise it bit by bit, but what throws many off, not only small investors but also individuals who are likely to make real contributions and bring real value into Crypto, are the greedy, scammy leeches , who repel anyone who is looking for true value in Crypto. Those with no conviction and only money on their mind who are “in it for the tech” are the first ones to flee from the sinking ship and make room for long term investors and innovators. Fortunately, one could witness at least some turnover, the beginning of an religious enligthment, many being convertet into a real “believers” that invest in quality projects and rather support developers instead of critizising them. Of course were there is money to be made, there will be always people who only have only their own interests in mind, but those shouldn’t make up the majority of Crypto and deprive it of any legitimacy.

Enough venting on all the Pajeets in the world, lets also see what is to come for the ones staying in the market and why the time rigth now is most critical and may lead to landslide changes in the near future.

Anyone reading the current market sentiment knows that it is far from what happend in 2017.

Anyone reading the current market sentiment knows that it is far from the what happend in 2017, the real hype and the real despair is still to come. While things of course a different nowadays then what they were four years ago, a lot of things just stay the same, during all the previous cycles the real hype came mid November and December and there is no reason for this cycle to be any different. Some market metrics just stay the same through and through as shown by the Crypto-Youtuber uncomplication whose exact prediction ( the crash left many in awe, and showed that the uptrend is soon to come back. The broad public is finally ready to accept Crypto as the a real store of value a real future a real thing. Countless multinational companies and investent firms are putting parts of their funds into Crypto and goverments raise their efforts to the prevent the unevitable, and they aren’t there to protect you, but themselves. Nonetheless all the FUD coming from China, Elon Musk and the possible Tether fraud scared John Doe rigth off, before he was ready to leap. FUD stays FUD and has never brougth great things off track for a long time, this is no different. So the next few weeks are just the right time, “Be greedy when others are fearful” Warren Buffet, to position oneself for the just insane bullcycle to come, just before John finnally decides to leap anyway.

I guess you know where we are on this graph

Let’s face it demand for crypto applications is mostly met, there is not much more to come in the next years almost every possible application is already out there , there may launch 100 new projects everyday, but almost none of them are going to bring real technical avancement to the table. Therefore are all the execellent projects, all the pioneers and all the future market leaders are already out there, ready to be bougth. I remember mid October last year when I looked almost daily at the BTC chart, telling myself every time as soon as it is back to 10K, 12K, 14K,… I’m going to buy, unfortunatly that moment never came and my bitcoin holdings remained rather small. Rigth now we are in the similar phase, the only difference is there is still some time before the big take off, whenever it is LINK, RUNE, DOT, ALBT, ORN, SOL or that 32 ETH, this is the last time stack up on a reasonable price. So as an exception stick with the Hopium and… BUY THE DIP!!!

Crypto enthusiast, long term value investor and Crypto developer